Farting Videos

Do you already can smell it...?

This mistress was bored so she went to the toilet and tried to masturbate. While she was masturbating, she felt the urge to fart and she released a long, loud and smelly fart

Princess Diana was in the mood to humiliate her slave. So she made made him smell her farts and then lick her feet and he even tied him up and attempted to choke him

Talia and Gemini are hot mistresses who have a fart fetish. They were seating on each other while half naked and trying to see who between them would give out the smelliest farts

This mistress is pretty and she likes to use that to her advantage. She like to get half naked and pretend to be having a nice time then fart on whoever thought he'd have fun with her

Katrin was practising how she was going to torture her slave. She wanted it to be perfect. She wanted to fart on her slave and make him smell it all

Gia and Bambina were having fun. They took turns facesitting on each other and farting on each other's face. They wanted to see who will win the smelly farts contest.

When Diana wants to punish a slave, she does not torture him or her with high heels or choke them. She likes to make the slave lie down and then smell her nasty farts

This mistress loves peeing while she's standing. And there is another advantage to it. She loves farting and likes the loud farts. Peeing in that position enables her to fart the way she wants

Kira loves to shit and to fart. And she likes to eat foods which enable her to give out nasty and foul smelling farts. She sits on the couch half naked and then releases the farts in quick succession.

Elizabeth loves to degrade and humiliate her slaves. She called this slave and smothered his face with her ass and farted on his face. She did not care how uncomfortable he felt

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