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Sara and Sam like to wrestle. They love farting and they like to make each other smell the other's farts. But only whoever wins get to do that to the loser

Jessie is the new girls so she has something to prove. She challenges Mia to a wrestling match and she knows that she has to really dominate to make a statement. Jessie gets the best of Mia and starts facesitting on her hard. As if facesitting wasn't humiliating enough, she starts farting right in her face. Mia is pinned down so she can't get away as Jessie blasts farts in her face.

Jessie is a new girl so she takes the challenge to dominate Mia. They wrestle and Jessie quickly gets the best of Mie. She gets on top of her and spreads her legs wide so she can torture Mia with hard facesitting. As Mia starts to smother, Jessie adds to her humiliation by farting right on her nose. She is trapped under Jessie's full weight so she has to lie there and smell it.

Shayna and Chadam love to wrestle and the goal is facesitting and smothering. The one who can get the other's face farther in their ass wins. Chadam has no chance because Shayna out-wrestles him with her awesome moves and puts him in a stronghold so he can't move. Now that she has him helpless, she forces her ass down on his face until he smothers with his mouth and nose in her ass.

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