Farting Videos

Do you already can smell it...?

Mistress Venus's intention was to fart on this guy and she did it without worrying about what he felt and what he did. The mistress knew that the thing that needed to be done was for her to choke him a little so that he would not only be degraded, but he would also learn to fear her. That was important for her and it worked out as she had intended for it to.

Mistress Carla needed this guy to learn a lesson and that is why she chose to fart on him. He was turned into a fart slave and he was made to lick and smell her ass after which he was farted on. He was humiliated but there was nothing much he could do about it other than to endure what the mistress had done to him. The guy learned what she wanted him to.

Madame Veronique had planned to do some naughty things to this guy for her own fun and she did not care what he felt in the process. The mistress used her hot ass to charm him and lure him for what she wanted to do to him. He did not see it coming and he was shocked when he was turned into a fart slave and he had to smell her farts.

Lady Phoenix needed to send a message to this guy and she did it with her farts. She was tired of dealing with the guy and she knew that the best thing to do to him was to turn him into a fart slave and that is exactly what she was able to do. The mistress had to make sure he learned his lesson and this was done by farting on him.

Mistress Dula was bored and she had to dominate the guy cruelly. She used her fart fetish to do it and she had fun at his expense. The guy never saw it coming and he wondered what had happened and why he was being humiliated but the mistress did not care to explain why she was doing what she was doing to him. He had to do it the way she wanted.

Mistress Carla is one of those mistresses who love to do things for fun and today she chose to fart on this guy just to pass time. She did not care what the guy did and she had no beef with him. But she was bored and had to pass time. So she did this by farting on the guy. The poor guy had to endure the humiliation as he could not do anything about it.

This mistress does not like letting people get away with messing with her. That is what this guy had to work with. The mistress had to make this guy lick her ass as well as smell her farts. He had no choice but to do what the mistress wanted. It was humiliating and it was degrading but the guy had no choice other than to do what she wanted done.

This guy was greedy and mistress Scarlet and her friend were not going to let him get away with it. He had to be tamed and the mistresses did this by facesitting him with their gorgeous asses. In addition, they also teased the guy and left him high and dry. They rubbed their asses and clits on him until they came. He had to endure farts before they let him go.

This mistress was pissed off at how inconsiderate her friend was and she needed to ensure that her friend learned a lesson that she would not forget. That is why the mistress opted to use her hot ass to dominate him and to make sure that he did things her way. The mistress farted on him with her big hot ass and the guy was humiliated and choked at the same time.

Mistress Ebonybooty49 has a big ass and she knew it was the perfect tool to use in dominating as well as torturing this loser. The mistress chose to dominate as well as degrade this loser. She did it in a way that he would never forget and that is why she opted to fart on him. As he choked, he peed his pants and realized that he had to make amends.

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