Farting Videos

Do you already can smell it...?

You really love my ass, don't you? But why do you love my ass? Do you love it because of the shit deep inside my asshole? I will tell you something! I will make you my toilet slave! I will fart right into your face! You will expect something much dirtier coming out soon... And I want to use your mouth as my toilet! And your nose will be my toilet paper! You believe this is already disgusting...? But do you know how the story ends...? ;-D

Lady Gia has a fucking hot ass! And she likes to show it to you right in front of your face! What do you say? She looks awesome, doesn't she? But then she moves her ass a little bit further to your nose - and starts to fart! Wow, this smells disgusting! But you can't resist and you have to continue watching her! Her ass seems to paralyze you! And so you take another hot fart right into your face...!

Bambina was imprisoned with handcuffs on her bed. It seems that she had to stay there for hours! Then hot girl Gia enters the room. Bambina is happy and hopes to be released now. But instead Gia takes off her sweater and it looks like she wants to punish her even more! She sits down on small Bambina and farts her right into the face! Bambina looks so funny with her disgusting face because of the smelling...!

Goddess slept long and wakes up after a long night. She is really horny and really likes to masturbate! She starts fingering herself. But it seems that it isn't enough for her - so she slides an anal bead in her asshole and moves it. The teases herself and her ass with the anal beads in there and it makes her pussy even wetter! And she can't resist to fart while playing with herself...!

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