Farting Videos

Do you already can smell it...?

This mistress is going to really show off her skills when she decides it is time to allow her slave to indulge in his fetish. She has a slave that absolutely adores smelly farts. Instead of just letting a few out, she is going to pull her panties to the side, so that he is able to watch her asshole expand as she lets out a series of farts.

There are three lovely women that are standing together wearing a pretty pair of white satin panties. They have a slave that has a complete fetish for women who love to let nasty farts. These girls are going to take turns letting the worst farts ever, so that they are able to totally gross out the slave. However, he is also sniffing every single that he can.

These two lovely ladies enjoy putting on a pair of nylons, because they always have a special show just for their slave. Their slave has a special fetish that he enjoys and he pays a great deal of money to watch these ladies to. He enjoys hearing and smelling their farts. The more the smell, the more he can hear, he is completely happy with the results.

Katrin was bored at home and she was gassy. So she decided to occupy herself by farting. She was on the bed and enjoyed farting which also relieved her stomach

This girl has a nice ass. But she likes to use it to humiliate people. She likes to make them lick her ass and then she farts on them

This mistress has a hairy ass. She loves to fart and to make sure her farts do not make noise, she spreads her butt cheeks and then farts

Rima was having a tummy upset. She lay on the bed with her ass raised. She farted loud farts and smelly farts. They were long farts but they relieved her

This girl was bored and she decided to record her farts. She listened to them and like it so much and made more and more

This big girl does not care. She likes to fart and has no apologies for it. She farts anywhere she wants and whenever she wants.

This girl wanted to play a prank on her boyfriend. She recorded him fart and then sent it to him on his birthday

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