Farting Videos

Do you already can smell it...?

Kaylee makes a compilation of her sitting on her toilet and blasting out some smelly farts inside her toilet bowl. The repeated farts echo off the bowl and the bathroom walls as the room fills up with smell. She laughs as her gassy smell fills the entire room again and again. She loves it when you watch her on the toilet and gets a kick out of how loud her farts are.

Dolly demands that her slave stick his loser head in the back of her stockings. She wants to humiliate and dominate him by holding his head up against her ass so she can fart on him. She ate food that made her extra gassy so her farts would be long, loud and smelly when they hit her fart slave's face. She pulls his head into her ass with her legs forcing him to smother on her farts.

Alice is a very sexy girl in jeans with a perfect ass. Her tight jeans show how perfect her ass is, but she is only showing you her ass so she can fart on you. She rubs her sexy jeans ass and runs her fingers down her ass crack as she lets out one loud and smelly fart after another. She knows that she is so hot that you will sit there in her gas.

Amanda is one pretty lady, but she is also a very gassy lady. She lifts her legs in the air and blasts out a big smelly fart and smiles the whole time. She loves when you watch her and hear her loud farts but she would really love it if you were there to smell them. Her gassy farts are just as smelly as they are loud and she has plenty of them for you.

This very beautiful girl is also very gassy. She has some tight jeans on so, when she farts, it makes her ass warm and sounds very loud. She just lounges in an office chair just ripping one fart after another. Her sexy jeans ass looks perfect as she lifts her legs and lets out some stinky farts just for you. She knows how much you would love to sniff her gas.

This sexy and soft brunette lures you into her bathroom. She wants to fart for you but wants to be near the toilet in case she has an accident. Her cute boxers barely stretch over her ass. She pulls them down and shows her panties as she lets out some smelly gas. She farts repeatedly just for you and she wishes you could smell how stinky it was with your nose in her ass.

Kacie doesn't mind when her friend Gia sits on her face, but when the facesitting comes with smelly farts, she doesn't like it. Well it's too bad. Sexy Gia is going to fart on her anyway. Kacie begs her to stop, but Gia dominates her female slave and shows no mercy as she stretches her sexy ass right over Kacie's nose and mouth and lets out some smelly gas while her ass is on her face.

Shayna and Chadam love to wrestle and the goal is facesitting and smothering. The one who can get the other's face farther in their ass wins. Chadam has no chance because Shayna out-wrestles him with her awesome moves and puts him in a stronghold so he can't move. Now that she has him helpless, she forces her ass down on his face until he smothers with his mouth and nose in her ass.

This ebony princess ate a lot of gassy food so she could save up her farts for her slave. She comes home and puts her slave through some intense facesitting before she starts letting out the gas. She farts right in his face and her gas is explosive, but her slave loves the smell of her gas so much that it makes him horny to smell her nasty farts as they come out of her ass.

Maruseas is so happy to have a girl like Katiusha around to be her fart slave. She puts on some pink lace stockings and saves up her farts so she can let out all her gas when she spreads her ass cheeks over Katiusha's face. Katiusha smells Maruseas's farts like they were a bouquet of roses. She don't mind this stinky punishment because she loves the smell of Maruseas's farts.

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