Farting Videos

Do you already can smell it...?

Gia and Nicolina cannot believe it! This tiny girl Mariah really was brave enough to enter their territory - but she will have to pay soon! Tigress Gia decided to sit down with her sexy butt on her face. Mariah has no chance and the best thing she can do now is to save her breath! But of course it still can be a big problem because Gia won't stop soon... As an additional punishment Gia starts to fart some nasty gases right into her nose...! Maybe she survives but at least this will teach her a lesson: Never intrude into the lair of two tigresses...!

This was so fucking unbelievable! We thought that we already saw the worst things - and of course smelt them - but this girl made us crazy! She sit down on our experienced ass sniffing slave and starts to blow the nasty gas into his nose. It smelt like the dead itself rests in her ass! But like some gentlemen we started to pull ourselves together and haven't told anything. But we were surprised that he could stand the farting any longer. At the end he also had to do some bad anal cleaning actions... poor guy!

Emma has a really nice surprise for Chad! She ate a lot at the thanksgiving diner and now her stomach is filled with lot of smelly gas! She positioned the camera in a good view so it will capture the whole action and you can watch everything! At her room she calls Chad. When he arrives she orders him to put his nose on her ass. He looks a little bit surprised but follows her orders anyway. And then the farting action starts! After some nasty farts she also takes off her jeans and puts his nose even deeper between her ass cheeks and continues to fart! After her stomach is empty she puts away her thong too so he can lick her asshole clean! At the end she pulls her thong and tells you that everything happened the way it should be...! Funny action, poor Chad!

Hey guys! I was often asked which makes me fart. And here I'm going to answer this question! At first I show you what I'm going to consume and then I come back to show you the results... Do you can find out the differences? You should be hear and smell them too, then you DEFINITIVELY can tell me the differences... :D You can watch me shaking my ass with my leggings. Then I take them off and at the end you can even see my asshole in the camera while walking away... :)

Here you can find a hot compilation of a lot of farting just from me! I hope you like my enormous ass - I can produce a lot of gas with it! ;-D And I don't hesitate to prove my words! The only thing I'm waiting for is your nose a little bit closer to my ass! So come on, buy the clip and move your face right behind my sexy butt...!

Today Brunette has something special for her slave again. She wears some hot lingerie and sits down on the face of her slave. She looks so awesome and stunning! Then she squeezes his nose deep between her ass cheeks and covers his face under her butt. He can barely breath now but she likes to help him out - and farts right into his nose! It smells very awful but he has no other chance than to take a deep breath...!

Gia has ate a lot today. And now she has a serious gas problem! She run away to hide from her girlfriends. But we are very lucky! Because of our invisibility we followed her unnoticed. She starts to smoke a cigarette. But there is no chance of covering the smelling of her farts! And she has to continue farting even more! We were happy to follow her so we could make this candid clip...!

I really like my sexy tank top! I look gorgeous in there! And I'm sure that you want to be here now! But I have something more awesome here too: Some hot farts right out of my ass! Do you can smell them? Do you can hear the noises? Puhh, they are really smelly! This has to be because of my breakfast! I believe I have something more for you... come a little bit closer...!

My slave loves my ass! He wants to worship it the whole day! But today I thought I make him a very special surprise: I will fart right into his face! I sit on his face and press his nose between my ass cheeks. My ass looks awesome in the green satin panties, right...!? But then I start to give him my special surprise: Some very smelly farts! Ahh, this is so fantastic!

You really love my ass, don't you? But why do you love my ass? Do you love it because of the shit deep inside my asshole? I will tell you something! I will make you my toilet slave! I will fart right into your face! You will expect something much dirtier coming out soon... And I want to use your mouth as my toilet! And your nose will be my toilet paper! You believe this is already disgusting...? But do you know how the story ends...? ;-D

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