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Mistress Carla had her ex wrapped around her fingers. She knew that she could easily do whatever she wanted to him and that is why she used him as bait for what she wanted to do. The mistress conveniently tortured the poor guy by forcing him to smell her ass and wanted to make him lick her asshole but she decided against it at the last minute. It was fun for her but not for him.

This mistress is crazy. She likes farting on anyone and anything. She took this toy she found in her house and farted on it

Elizabeth is a very good teacher and she goes through all of the steps of domination so this girl can learn. She walks her through how to verbal humiliate a slave so he will be completely submissive. She shows her how to hold the slave down while facesitting on him and smothering him with her ass. The girl needs hands on experience so she allows her to facesit on the slave herself.

Shayna and Chadam love to wrestle and the goal is facesitting and smothering. The one who can get the other's face farther in their ass wins. Chadam has no chance because Shayna out-wrestles him with her awesome moves and puts him in a stronghold so he can't move. Now that she has him helpless, she forces her ass down on his face until he smothers with his mouth and nose in her ass.

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