Farting Videos

Do you already can smell it...?

Katrin was practising how she was going to torture her slave. She wanted it to be perfect. She wanted to fart on her slave and make him smell it all

Gia and Bambina were having fun. They took turns facesitting on each other and farting on each other's face. They wanted to see who will win the smelly farts contest.

When Diana wants to punish a slave, she does not torture him or her with high heels or choke them. She likes to make the slave lie down and then smell her nasty farts

This mistress loves peeing while she's standing. And there is another advantage to it. She loves farting and likes the loud farts. Peeing in that position enables her to fart the way she wants

Kira loves to shit and to fart. And she likes to eat foods which enable her to give out nasty and foul smelling farts. She sits on the couch half naked and then releases the farts in quick succession.

Elizabeth loves to degrade and humiliate her slaves. She called this slave and smothered his face with her ass and farted on his face. She did not care how uncomfortable he felt

Sara and Sam were bored and they decided to have fun wrestling. Dressed only in their bras and panties, they wrestled and Sara overcame Sam and facesat on her making her smell her farts and her stinky ass

Miss Doertie is a nasty lady. She likes farting and is always looking for ways of making her farts exotic. She started smoking so that she can make her farts to smell nasty

There is nothing that feels better to her than shitting naked. She knows that most don't do it but it's a turn on for her. She loves filling the toilet with her shit and having her slave watch her naked body work. She fills the air with her smell and wants him to share the funk with her. She loves the way his dick gets hard with every strain and gassy bubble.

When Alexa Paige has to go to the toilet, she prefers to be naked. She wants her slave to have some eye candy while she stinks up the house. She is happy to push and strain into the toilet. The wet farts that she has feels good to her. She knows that she stinks but she doesn't care. She tells her slave that he has to stay there and smell the odors of her ass.

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