Farting Videos

Do you already can smell it...?

Jasmine and Mia like to wrestle. Their wrestling is such that whoever wins can do whatever she likes on the other. Mia likes to fart on Jasmine if she wins

This girl loves to prank. She likes to make fart videos and then places them in the toilet and plays them when someone is in the toilet

Bagira wanted to make her room mates room stuffy and smelly. So she went and farted in it. It was a stinky fart and with the blinds closed, it was not long before the room was all smelly

Bianca had a score to settle with this guy. She pretended to have fun with him but ended up trampling him with her ass and farting on him. He was humiliated beyond measure

Kylee wanted to show her displeasure on Walters. She trampled him with her ass in jeans and while he felt pain, she made it worse by farting on him

Sara and Sam are loves. They both have nice asses and they like position 69 because they can enjoy each other's asses. But naughty Sara likes to be naughty and fart on Sam.

The toilet is this girl's best place in the house. She gets to fart in there and she likes it so much that she decided to start recording her farts to enjoy them later

This girl loves to fart. She even likes to take foods that make her gassy so that she can fart all the time. And she likes loud and smelly farts

This super hot brunette in glasses tortures a slave with hard facesitting. He lies there helpless as she lowers her round jeans ass down on his face with her full weight. She has a nice voluptuous ass and it spreads out over his face the harder she sits on it. He starts to smother so she stands up, but she sits right back down and smothers him more with reverse facesitting.

Elizabeth is a very good teacher and she goes through all of the steps of domination so this girl can learn. She walks her through how to verbal humiliate a slave so he will be completely submissive. She shows her how to hold the slave down while facesitting on him and smothering him with her ass. The girl needs hands on experience so she allows her to facesit on the slave herself.

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