Farting Videos

Do you already can smell it...?

When Sergeant Emily gets a new recruit, she knows what she has to do. She gives her new recruit her uniform and calls her into the training room. She walks in farting and orders her newbie to the floor. She sits her round ass in the girl's face and rocks. As she is rocking, she farts continuously. She starts to laugh as the girl is left gasping for fresh air. She locks her in the stuffy, stinky room for hours.

When she wants more money from her slave, she knows that she will have to distract him. She is happy to strip down to her red bikini and pose in front of him. As she stands in front of him, she is happy to start farting. When he smells her odor, she watches his eyes glaze over and she knows that the time is right to take his wallet and go shopping.

When Bunny put on her cute costume, she thought she could fart and train her new money slave. Instead, she had to go to the toilet. Instead of letting her salve out of training, she made her slave sit in the bathroom with her. She put a little shit on toilet paper and waved it in front of his face. She wanted him to smell all that is going into the toilet to be flushed.

When Gia gets a new slave, she knows what she has to do. She has to introduce her into the folds with the love of her farts. She puts her slave on the bed and strips to her panties and leotard. She starts to fart and waving her ass in the slave's face. She puts her ass in her new slave's face and sits there while she farts. She loves her new way of training.

When Kaylee gets up, she starts her day eating foods that will make her gassy. She knows that she shouldn't but she can't help it. she eats eggs and farts. She farts in her slave's face all day. When she goes to shit in the toilet, she leaves the door open and makes him sit in the door with her. She loves making him fill his lungs with her odor.

there are some things that have to be done and when it's that time, they don't hesitate. Emily, Gia and Kourtney have to bring Kacie into their fold. They don't mind doing it. They all put on their leather and are happy to lay her on the sofa. They take great pleasure in farting. Gia doesn't mind putting her ass in her face, farting in it. They love changing the way their environment smells. If she can stay in the room with them, she can be their slave.

This inked mistress is very pretty. She has a spankable ass and a nice figure as well. But she has a weird obsession and passion. She like farts, especially the smelly and loud kind. She likes to eat food which enables her to fart a lot. She likes to undress and then fart loudly and the more smellier her farts the better she likes them

Alexa Paige is a weird mistress. She likes the toilet and it is her favourite place in the house. She likes it because she's free in the toilet and she can do her favourite activity there. She likes to fart loudly and release some smelly gas. And it is only in the toilet that she can do that freely. She therefore loves the toilet and spends considerable time there.

This mistress loves farting so much that she decided to make clips of herself doing that. She wore different attires and then enjoyed farting and recording whatever she did. She likes it and wanted to save it for posterity. She likes it when her farts are not only smelly but when they are loud as well. That is what she always strives to do with her farts.

This mistress likes to crush things with her ass. And today, it was the turn of this superman toy to be crushed. But unlike the other times when she's only content with crushing the toys, this time she wanted to fart on it. She went ahead and farted on the toy. She was only wearing a pantie and she crushed the toy with it

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