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Dolly demands that her slave stick his loser head in the back of her stockings. She wants to humiliate and dominate him by holding his head up against her ass so she can fart on him. She ate food that made her extra gassy so her farts would be long, loud and smelly when they hit her fart slave's face. She pulls his head into her ass with her legs forcing him to smother on her farts.

Maruseas is so happy to have a girl like Katiusha around to be her fart slave. She puts on some pink lace stockings and saves up her farts so she can let out all her gas when she spreads her ass cheeks over Katiusha's face. Katiusha smells Maruseas's farts like they were a bouquet of roses. She don't mind this stinky punishment because she loves the smell of Maruseas's farts.

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