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Gia has ate a lot today. And now she has a serious gas problem! She run away to hide from her girlfriends. But we are very lucky! Because of our invisibility we followed her unnoticed. She starts to smoke a cigarette. But there is no chance of covering the smelling of her farts! And she has to continue farting even more! We were happy to follow her so we could make this candid clip...!

Lady Gia has a fucking hot ass! And she likes to show it to you right in front of your face! What do you say? She looks awesome, doesn't she? But then she moves her ass a little bit further to your nose - and starts to fart! Wow, this smells disgusting! But you can't resist and you have to continue watching her! Her ass seems to paralyze you! And so you take another hot fart right into your face...!

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